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Until the end of this year, 17 other projects will be completed. Learn about the ventures!

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09 de novembro de 2018

Until the end of this year, 17 other projects will be completed. Learn about the ventures!

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Thirty months of work have passed since the creation, in May 2016, of the Investment Partnerships Program (PPI) of the Federal Government. The team composed by more than 40 specialists of several areas of infrastructure has worked intensely on monitoring the phases of the concession process of 191 ventures qualified by the Council’s meetings. Today there are 86 projects in progress that will generate investments estimated in R$116.5 billion.

Still in 2018, some projects will be completed, with estimated investment in almost R$12 billion. Check it out!

Lotex - The project was included in the PPI in the 1st Meeting of the Council, in September 13, 2016. The concession’s term was defined by the Minister of Finance in 15 years, and the studies elaborated by the Brazilian Bank of Economic and Social Development (BNDES) established a minimum grant amount of R$542.1 millions.
Current situation – The public sale is scheduled for November 29.

Comaer - The proposal anticipates the contracting of a Sociedade de Propósito Específico (SPE) that provides the service of Integrated Network Management in national level. The contract includes the responsibilities of projecting, installing, updating, expanding, operating, and managing a communication, control, and management infrastructure for COMAER for a minimum period of 25 years.
Current situation – The delivery of proposals is scheduled for December 12.

14 Batches of Transmission Lines - The Public Sale nº 04/2018-ANEEL has as its object the concession of public service of electrical energy transmission, counting with, at the least, 10 batches covering the states of SC, RS, RJ, SP, ES, MT, AM, TO, PA, RO, BA.
Current situation – The public sale is scheduled for December 20, at the headquarters of B3, in São Paulo.

Permanent Offer - National Petroleum Agency (ANP) has published a new version of the Permanent Offer bid notice with the inclusion of ten blocks: 9 maritime blocks on Bacia de Campos (C-M-147, 173, 201, 58, 99, 299, 334, 464 e 496) and 1 terrestrial block on Bacia do Recôncavo (REC-T-280).
Current situation – The beginning of the proposal presentations began in November 1st.

Bid Notices that will also be released in 2018

Port Terminals - Another 10 bid notices will be released this year:
December – five terminals at Miramar Port (BELs 02A, 02B, 04, 08, 09) and one at Vila do Conde/PA (VDC 12).
November – Three terminals at Cabedelo Port (AE 10, AE11, AI 01) and one at Victoria Port (Vix 30).

Airports - The bid notice for the 5th Round of airports is expected for November.

Mining - The bid notice of Direito Minerário of copper, lead, and zinc at Palmeirópolis (TO) will also be published in November.

Source: PPI

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