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Resolution recommends the creation of the "Pro-Strategic Minerals" Policy and its qualification in the PPI

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04 de agosto de 2020

Resolution recommends the creation of the "Pro-Strategic Minerals" Policy and its qualification in the PPI

Resolution 126/2020, published this Tuesday (8/4), recommends to the President of the Republic the creation and qualification in the PPI portfolio of the Support Policy for Environmental Licensing of Investment Projects on the Production of Strategic Minerals – named "Pro-Strategic Minerals". The decision was deliberated during the latest meeting of the PPI Council, held on 6/10.

The policy aims to select projects dedicated to the production of minerals deemed strategic for the development of the country and to promote the articulation of different government agencies for the purpose of supporting environmental licensing.

The selected projects will have the support of the Special Secretariat for the PPI (SPPI) in their environmental licensing processes, which are conducted by the competent environmental agencies. SPPI will also help with the the necessary articulation to minimize risks and solve conflicts.

SPPI's performance will favor the integrated assessment of socioenvironmental impacts by facilitating, for example, the dialogue between the environmental agency responsible for conducting the environmental licensing process and authorities such as the managing bodies of Conservation Units, the National Indian Foundation (Funai), the National Institute for Colonization and Agrarian Reform (Incra) and the National Institute of Historic and Artistic Heritage (Iphan).

Strategic projects
The Interministerial Committee for the Analysis of Strategic Mineral Projects (CTAPME) will have the competence to define, for purposes of supporting environmental licensing, the projects considered relevant for the expansion of national production of strategic minerals.

Coordinated by the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME), the Committee will count on the participation of the Special Secretariat of the PPI / ME; the Institutional Security Office (GSI) and the Special Secretariat for Strategic Affairs (SAE) of the Presidency of the Republic; and the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovations (MCTI).

The Interministerial Committee should be created by decree together with the Strategic Pro-Minerals policy. The same presidential decree will appoint the members of the Committee, appointed by each of the agencies and ministries aforementioned.
Resolution 126/2020 lists the characteristics of mineral goods that may qualify a mining investment project to receive priority treatment within the government:

- Mineral goods on which Brazil is largely dependent on imports to supply key sectors of the economy (such as, for example, potassium and phosphate, which are essential for the production of agricultural fertilizers);

- Mineral goods important for application in high-tech products and processes (case of so-called rare earths, which are fundamental for the electronics industry and semiconductor production, among other uses); and

- Minerals in whose production Brazil has comparative advantages, being essential for the economy due to the generation of surplus in the trade balance (case, for example, of iron ore and niobium).


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