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PPI in Numbers: Last Balance Sheet

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22 de dezembro de 2017

PPI in Numbers: Last Balance Sheet

PPI in Numbers: Last Balance Sheet

Of the 145 projects eligible under the Investment Partnerships Program (PPI), 70 assets have already been auctioned - including renewals, early extensions and the privatization of Celg D (Goiás). This figure corresponds to 48% execution of the schedule established by the Federal Government Concessions Program. The estimate of investments with public sale is BRL 142 billion and grants total R$ 28 billion.

Check out the latest Program balance sheet.

1st PPI Council Meeting
17 projects completed - R$ 68.5 billion in investments
17 ongoing projects - R$ 34.3 billion envisaged in investments

2nd PPI Council Meeting
40 completed - R$ 13.2 billion in investments
16 in progress - R$ 82 billion envisaged in investments

3rd PPI Council Meeting
13 completed - R$ 60.2 billion in investments
43 in progress - R$ 15.6 billion envisaged in investments

4th PPI Council Meeting
Deliberations of specific projects to continue bidding processes.

Source: PPI

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