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PPI in numbers: check the balance

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16 de outubro de 2017

PPI in numbers: check the balance


In just over a year of Investment Partnerships Program (PPI), 40.6% of the projects are already concluded from a total of 145 eligible ventures through the PPI Board Council Meetings. By now 59 assets were sold in auction - including renewals, early extensions and Celg D (Goiás) privatization. The estimated investments firmed in the public sales exceed R$ 133 billion. With regard to the grants of R$ 28 billion. Check the numbers!


  • 1st Meeting of the Council of the PPI

September 13, 2016
34 qualified projects
17 concluded projects (R$ 68,5 billion in investments)
17 projects in progress (R$ 34.3 billion for investments)


  • 2nd Meeting of the Council of the PPI

March 7, 2017
55 qualified projects
40 concluded (R$ 13,1 billion in investments)
15 in progress (R$ 43 billion in investments)

  • 3rd Meeting of the Council of the PPI

August 23, 2017
57 projects
2 concluded (R$ 51,5 billion in investments)
54 in progress (R$ 26,1 billion provided in investments)

 Total: 145 projects

54 concluded (public sales and renewals);
40% of the total portfolio of PPI in 15 months;
Around R$ 133,2 billion in investments;
Around R$ 28 billion in grants.
By the end of this year, 13 more projects concluded.

 Conclusion per meeting:

1st Meeting: 47% (17 concluded projects from 34)
2nd Meeting: 67% (40 concluded projects from 55)
3rd Meeting: 2% (2 concluded project from 56)

 New bid notices:

By the end of this year, 10 projects will have bid notices published.

Source: PPI

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