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PPI: more than two years increasing the economy of Brazil

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08 de junho de 2018

PPI: more than two years increasing the economy of Brazil

2 anos de PPI

The Investment Partnerships Program (PPI) has completed two years. Since its creation, in May 2016, several improvements have transformed the country's infrastructure sector - both in the regulatory framework and in the approval of qualified projects process. The new partnerships model proposed by the PPI, guarantees contracts with clearer rules, public participation, involvement of the Union Court of Auditors (TCU), predictability, more time for proposals preparation by the companies and, consequently, projects that are more attractive and sustainable during the concession period. Companies have now more security when investing in PPI’s qualified projects.

The effort to tight relations between the State and private enterprises is intense and the goal is to go further in the modernization of the national infrastructure - thus regaining a healthy and competitive growth.

And who wins with all this is the Brazilian people, who will have better services provided and the generation of thousands of jobs with private participation in the management of ports, airports, highways, railroads and other sectors.

Two years! - PPI's numbers are impressive, especially regarding the values to be contributed by the projects until then: more than R$ 250 billion in investments. "We are sure that contributions of this magnitude will, over the next few years, bring more jobs and income, leveraging our Country's development," says PPI's Special Secretary Adalberto Vasconcelos.

From the 193 ventures qualified through the PPI Council Meetings, 124 are already completed. The number corresponds to an execution of 63,7% of the schedule estimated by the Concession Program. The estimated investments for the 123 finalized exceeds R$ 253,2 billion. In the course of 2018, there will be 69 projects - with expected investments of R$ 130 billion.

What has changed? - The Federal Government's Partnerships Program is oriented by 10 Guidelines which aims a technical quality of the qualified ventures. Some of these guidelines were fundamental in order to improve business environment, for example, the deadline increase to 100 days between launching the bid notice and the public sale - ensuring for the bidders an adequate time to read it and to develop proposals. Another significant change was the publication of public notices in English, which has also optimized the work of interested companies.

PPI around the world - Countries like Colombia, Spain, Portugal, India, Germany and China, for example, already invested in projects of the Avançar Parcerias program’s portfolio. The international market participation has been effective in the public sales, showing that the changes made brought more comfort and security to the foreign investors, mainly.


Source: PPI

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