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Oil and Gas - 4th Round of Areas with Marginal Accumulations

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21 de março de 2018

Oil and Gas - 4th Round of Areas with Marginal Accumulations

4th Round of Areas with Marginal Accumulations

The objective of this project, classified in the Investment Partnerships Program (PPI) at the 1st Meeting of the PPI Council, held on September 13th, 2016, is to auction nine marginal fields in the states of Rio Grande do Norte, Bahia and Espírito Santo. These areas are located in mature land sedimentary basins (those that are in an irreversibly declining stage of production), whose exploration is of vital importance for the petroleum activity of the respective regions.

The concession defines that the existing production infrastructure must be used.

The forecast of collection, with the grant of the nine fields, is estimated at BRL 451 thousand reais (minimum signing bonus). Although it is not of significant value, the scheduled bidding process is relevant because it attracts small and medium-sized oil companies and strengthens the chain of suppliers of goods and services in the sector.

The marginal fields of oil and natural gas are important sources of development in the country. The exploration of these areas contributes to resuming economic growth, especially in low-income regions. The concession of the fields to the private sector shall be done through a concession regime, which shall allow the use of these resources more efficiently.

The 4th Round of Bidding Process of Areas with Marginal Accumulations comprises nine marginal fields distributed in three sedimentary basins:

• Potiguar Basin (in the State of Rio Grande do Norte);
• Recôncavo Basin (in the State of Bahia);
• Espírito Santo Basin (in the State of Espírito Santo).

Source: PPI

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