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  • 01dez2017
    North-South Railway: why invest in this project?

    North-South Railway: why invest in this project?

    The North-South Railway (EF-151) was qualified in the Investment Partnerships Program (PPI) at the 1st Meeting of the PPI Council, on September 13, 2016.

    Designed to become the backbone of rail transportation in Brazil, the project proposes the sub-concession of a stretch of 1,537 km, linking Estrela d’Oeste, São Paulo, to Porto Nacional, in the state of Tocantins. The purpose is to enable a strategic integration of the national territory and contribute to reducing the logistical cost of cargo transportation in the country.

    According to the National Logistics Plan (PNL), prepared by the...

  • 07nov2017

    ANTT publishes documents for Ferrogrão

    Brazil's National Land Transportation Agency (ANTT) provides documentation for Public Hearing nº 014/2017, in intent to gather subsidies to improve the bid notice draft and the technical studies that will discipline the conditions of Ferrogrão's concession, the greenfield railway located between the municipalities of Sinop (MT) and Itaituba (PA). Check out all the documentation here (portuguese only). More information can be obtained by e-mail at

  • 18jul2017


    Brazil’s Land Transportation National Agency of (ANTT) began on June 27th the Public Hearing nº 007/2017 to receive contributions about technical studies and public notice drafts and the concession contract for the stretch of North-South Railroad, from Porto Nacional (TO) to Estrela D’Oeste (SP). The technical studies, the public notice drafts and contract, as well as the contribution submission forms are already available for consultation at ANTT website, click here to access them. The estimated investment is about R$ 2.8 billion and the foreseen minimum grant is of R$ 1.6 billion. The forecast is that the...

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