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  • 25jan2021

    IADB and PPI publish study that points out ways to advance environmental licensing for offshore oil and gas in Brazil

    As a result of a technical cooperation, the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) and the Investment Partnerships Program (PPI) have published a study systematizing information and evaluating the progress of the environmental licensing processes of offshore oil and gas projects in Brazil. The initiative aims to support the design of strategies and instruments for preparing infrastructure projects with private participation in the country.   The exploration and production of offshore oil and natural gas in Brazil has historical relevance in the country, being a prominent activity in the national energy system. The...

  • 03abr2018
    15th Round of Exploratory Blocks: check out the auction results

    15th Round of Exploratory Blocks: check out the auction results

    The 15th Round of Exploratory Blocks kicked off the schedule of Avançar Partnership auctions planned for 2018 – Federal Government concession program. The schedule for 2018 is intense and the energy sector has boosted the oil and gas market with the public sessions held today (29th) in Rio de Janeiro.  68 blocks were offered in the Oceanic sedimentary basins of Ceará, Potiguar, Sergipe-Alagoas, Campos and Santos and in the land basins of Parnaíba and Paraná. Out of this total, 22 blocks received proposals, generating a result of:

    - R$ 8 billion in signing bonuses;
    - Over...

  • 21mar2018
    4th Round of Areas with Marginal Accumulations

    Oil and Gas - 4th Round of Areas with Marginal Accumulations

    The objective of this project, classified in the Investment Partnerships Program (PPI) at the 1st Meeting of the PPI Council, held on September 13th, 2016, is to auction nine marginal fields in the states of Rio Grande do Norte, Bahia and Espírito Santo. These areas are located in mature land sedimentary basins (those that are in an irreversibly declining stage of production), whose exploration is of vital importance for the petroleum activity of the respective regions. The concession defines that the existing production infrastructure must be used. The forecast of collection, with the grant of the nine fields, is...

  • 31/10/2017

    Pre-salt public sale is attracting oil companies from all over the world

    The 2nd and 3rd rounds for Pre-Salt's Production Shares, held on October 27 by  Brazil's National Petroleum Agency (ANP), consolidated the resumption of oil and natural gas sector in Brazil. Six blocks were auctioned, from eight offered in the two public sales, which generated R$ 6.15 billion for bonnus signing collection of R$ 760 million in investments foreseen in the Minimum Exploratory Program.

    Questions and Answers  What will be offered in the 2nd and 3rd Pre-Salt Rounds public sale? High potential basin blocks will be offered. The objective is to rebuild and expand reserves and Brazilian production of oil and natural gas and...

  • 25out2017
    Foto: Governo do Brasil

    Economy recovery and clear rules brings international trust back

    The new public sales for the oil and gas sector will generate around 500 thousand jobs and R$ 100 billion in investments. Sixteen companies, including 14 multinationals, will participate in the new rounds to happen in Rio de Janeiro on October 27th.

    One of them, Petronas, from Malaysia, the famous sponsor of F1 teams, has never invested in Brazil before. Others companies like Exxon, the world's largest company in the oil and gas industry, are returning to do heavy investments in the country.

    The new investments will benefit national's economy, especially Rio de Janeiro, where pre-salt's...

  • 23out2017

    Repetro approved for Brazil’s parliament commission

    Brazil’s Federal Government expects to approve text until next week, when Pre-Salt public sales occur The Provisional Measure (MP) 795/2017 (Repetro) was approved today (19), by  a joint committee of Brazil’s parliament. The MP improves legislation taxes applied to oil companies by establishing clear taxation rules, ensuring legal security to companies and tax administration, and encouraging investments in the oil industry. Two rounds of public sales for production-sharing of Pre-salt are scheduled for next Friday (27) in Rio de Janeiro. The government's intention is to approve the text in...

  • 27set2017
    Leilao Usinas Foto ANP

    Brazil’s 14th Bidding Round had the largest signature bonus in history

    The 14th Bidding Round of blocks for exploration and production of oil and natural gas, held today (09/27) by the National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP), marked the reestablishment of the sector in Brazil, with the largest total signature bonus in history – over R$ 3.8 billion – and the two biggest offers for blocks – around R$ 2.24 billion and R$ 1.2 billion. The goodwill was 1,556.05%. The success of the auction reflects the regulatory changes made by the Brazilian government, which have made the business environment more attractive to companies of different sizes. Several government...

  • 25jul2017
    14ª Rodada de Licitações

    14th Round of Bids: published the notice and the model of the concession contract

    As reported in the Brazilian Federal Official Gazette on 07/19/2017, the ANP published the notice and the model of the concession contract for the 14th Round of Bids. The files in Word and PDF are available for download. Click in here for the notice and the model of the concession contract for the 14th Round of Bids. There are also available for consultation a summary of the Public Hearing no 9/2017 and the spreadsheets with ANP deliberations about received contributions.

  • 12mai2017
    4ª Rodada de Acumulações Marginais

    4th Round of Mature Accumulations raises almost R$ 8 million in signing bonus

    The 4th round of bidding for areas with mature accumulations raised R$ 7.977.983.46 in signing bonus, with an average discount of 1991.52%, the highest ever recorded in auctions of mature accumulation areas. In addition to the bonus, investments of R$ 9.1 billion are forecasted in the acquired areas. The auction took place this Thursday (11/05), in Rio de Janeiro.

    The bid offered nine inactive areas with mature accumulations, of which eight were purchased by the companies. In total, was acquired an area of 92.89 km². Eight companies made offers, with six winners. The largest signing bonus was R$ 5.71 billion, offered...

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