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  • 31jul2020

    ANTAQ approves draft public notice for the STS08 and STS08A terminals, in the Port of Santos

    The National Waterway Transportation Agency (ANTAQ) approved, on 7/30, the technical studies and the draft contract and public notice for the lease of terminals STS08 and STS08A, in the Organized Port of Santos (SP).
    The terminals are intended for the handling of liquid bulk, especially fuels, and the total planned investments are projected at about BRL 1.4 billion.
    The qualification of the two projects in the portfolio of the Investment Partnerships Program (PPI) was decided during the last meeting of the PPI Council, held on 6/10, and recommended by Resolution 121/2020. The auctions are expected to be held...

  • 29jul2020

    TCU approves the early renewal of the concession contract for the Estrada de Ferro Carajás (EFC) and the Estrada de Ferro Vitória-Minas (EFVM)

    The Brazilian Federal Court of Accounts (TCU) approved, on 7/29, the early renewal of the concession contracts for the railways “Estrada de Ferro Carajás (EFC)” and “Estrada de Ferro Vitória-Minas (EFVM)”, both operated by Vale SA. The decision allows the concession contracts (which expire on 6/30/2027) to be extended for another 30 years, with investment commitments worth of BRL 17 billion, and the creation of more than 65,000 jobs.
    The inclusion of the two projects in the portfolio of the Investment Partnerships Program (PPI) was decided at the 2nd Meeting of the PPI Council, in...

  • 28jul2020

    Decree formalizes qualification of five public fishery terminals in the PPI

    Decree published this Tuesday (7/28) formalized the qualification in the PPI of five new Public Fishery Terminals: PFT of Natal, in the state of Rio Grande do Norte; PFT of Aracaju, in the state of Sergipe; FTP of Vitória, in the state of Espírito Santo; and the PFTs of Santos and Cananéia, in the state of São Paulo. The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply - MAPA is responsible for promoting and monitoring the bidding procedures of the privatization projects.
    Public Fishery Terminals (PFT) are facilities necessary for fishery handling, storage activities, trading post, fishery...

  • 24jul2020

    Resolution establishes procedures related to public notices for hiring federal PPPs and to conditions for the inclusion of public services in the NPP

    Resolution 135/2020, published on 7/24, established the procedures related to public notices for contracting federal public-private partnerships (PPPs), defining the occasions when the PPI Council should be urged to approve the documents.
    The change aims to bring more agility to the process: after the Federal Court of Accounts (TCU) examines the notices and related documents, in case there is a need to make adjustments, the agency or entity responsible for the concession (Sectorial Ministry, Regulatory Agency, etc.) may proceed with the changes and approvals in the bidding notice, provided that aspects considered...

  • 24jul2020

    Resolution recommends qualifying Line 2 of Belo Horizonte Metro in PPI

    Resolution 132/2020, published on 7/23, recommended qualifying in the PPI portfolio the project of Line 2 for the Belo Horizonte Metropolitan Region Metro (section connecting the cities of Calafete and Barreiro). The objective is to carry out feasibility studies, as well as assessments of alternatives for partnerships with the private sector.
    The recommendation to include the project in the PPI portfolio was deliberated during the last meeting of the PPI Council, held on June 10, and considered the synergy between the expansion of the Calafete-Barreiro Line and Line 1 (connecting the cities of Eldorado and Vilarinho),...

  • 23jul2020

    Resolution approves the report by the Interministerial Committee on Angra 3 and transfers competences to CNPE

    Resolution 139/2020 of the PPI Council, published on 7/22, approved the report into the legal and operational model for making the Angra 3 Nuclear Power Plant viable, produced by the Interministerial Committee on the plant.   The resolution also transferred to the National Energy Policy Council (CNPE) the competences, initially attributed to the CPPI, for the continuity of the plant's feasibility works.   The Angra Nuclear Power Plant has 1405 MW of installed capacity, and 67,1% of its civil works have been carried out. The completion of the works involves investments projected at BRL 17...

  • 21jul2020

    Decree includes in the National Privatization Program non-strategic minority shareholdings of the Union

    Decree 10.432 / 2020, published on 7/21, determined the inclusion in the National Privatization Program (NPP) of non-strategic minority shareholdings currently held by the Union. The decision was based on a recommendation by the PPI Council, provided for in Resolution 111/2020.
    Non-strategic minority shareholdings are shares of companies transferred to the Federal Government, sometimes due to the succession of extinct or liquidated entities, other times due to specific legislation indicating that there is no public interest from the Federal Government in the sector in which those companies operate.

  • 21jul2020

    ANP launches Public Notice on the 2nd Cycle of Open Acreage

    The National Agency for Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP) published the Public Notice regarding the 2nd Cycle of Open Acreage of areas for exploration and production of oil and natural gas. In total, 708 areas for exploration and production will be offered, in addition to 3 mature fields, all under the Concession regime. If all areas are sold for the minimum amount of signing bonus, BRL 2.9 billion will be collected in public revenues.
    The process of Open Acreage is provided for in National Energy Policy Council (CNPE) Resolution 17/2017. The PPI Council recommended its inclusion in the PPI portfolio through...

  • 21jul2020

    Resolution recommends the dissolution of CEITEC SA

    Resolution 130/2020, published on 7/17, recommended the dissolution of the National Center for Advanced Electronic Technology - CEITEC SA. The measure was decided during the 13th PPI Council Meeting, held on 6/10, with the participation of President Jair Bolsonaro and the Minister of Economy, Paulo Guedes, who chairs the Council.
    The state-owned company, whose factory is located in Porto Alegre (RS), was founded in November 2008 to operate in the semiconductor field and is linked to the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI). After conducting studies of partnership alternatives with the private...

  • 21jul2020

    Public Consultation on the 1st National Mining Agency Bidding Round (“Availability of Areas”) concluded

    The public consultation on the 1st Area Availability Round, conducted by the National Mining Agency (ANM), was concluded on 7/18. 152 contributions were received from consumers, economic agents, government institutions and professional bodies in the mineral sector. During the consultation period, a meeting was held at national level with entities and associations representative of the mineral sector in order to discuss the topic.
    The 1st ANM Bidding Round aims to select investors interested in proceeding with mining projects already conceded to third parties, but which have returned to the ANM portfolio. Until 2018, the...