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  • 20Jun2018
    Illustrative picture | Photo: Planalto

    Port Sector News: two more notices published. Check it out!

    PPI is pleased to announce the publication of two more notices for Port Terminals on June 15th. Both ports are qualified projects  in the Investment Partnerships Program (PPI).

    The investments, which add up to approximately R$ 260 million, will increase the capacity of handling liquid bulk and general cargo (wood chip) to Santos/SP and Santana/AP Ports, respectively.

    "Santos liquid bulk terminal alone will add about R$ 200 million in investments to move fuels and chemical products - one of the most dynamic and competitive segments of Brazil's largest and most relevant port," said...

  • 14Jun2018
    Photo: Aeroportos Brasil

    Airports: Public Consultation for the 5th Round of Airport Concessions

    Airports: Public Consultation for the 5th Round of Airport Concessions. The 5th Round of Airport Concessions is currently under way. The public consultation phase has started and according to the Investment Partnerships Program's (PPI) agenda the auction is scheduled for the 4th quarter, 2018. The public consultation on the feasibility studies and on the draft documents (notice of auction and contract agreement) was launched on 05/29/18. This phase seeks to gather suggestions on concession projects of 13 airports. Suggestions can be sent by 6pm, July 13th through an electronic form available at National Civil Aviation...

  • 08Jun2018
    2 anos de PPI

    Avançar Parcerias: check out the projects and 2018

    The Investment Partnerships Program (PPI) has completed two years. Since its creation, in May 2016, several improvements have transformed the country's infrastructure sector - both in the regulatory framework and in the approval of qualified projects process. The new partnerships model proposed by the PPI, guarantees contracts with clearer rules, public participation, involvement of the Union Court of Auditors (TCU), predictability, more time for proposals preparation by the companies and, consequently, projects that are more attractive and sustainable during the concession period. Companies have now more security when...

  • 06Jun2018
    Foto: Reprodução

    ANAC opens public consultation of 13 airports qualified in PPI

    Brazil’s National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC) opened today a public consultation of the 13 airports qualified in the Investment Partnerships Program (PPI), located in the country’s Northeast, Midwest and Southeast Regions. Are the following:

    • Eurico de Aguiar Salles Airport, in the Municipality of Vitória (ES);
    • Macaé Airport, in the Municipality of Macaé (RJ);
    • Gilberto Freyre Airport, in the Municipality of Recife (PE);
    • Orlando Bezerra de Menezes Airport, in the Municipality of Juazeiro do Norte (CE);

  • 06Jun2018
    News in the electric sector: published the Bid Notice for 20 transmission lines lots

    News in the electric sector: published the Bid Notice for 20 transmission lines lots

    The National Electric Energy Agency (ANEEL) will carry out an auction of 20 lots (portuguese only) of transmission lines, on June 28. The lots were qualified in the Federal Government's Investment Partnerships Program (PPI) and are currently based at 16 Brazilian states. The auction will be held at B3 headquarters in São Paulo. The Bid Notice, which was approved on May 15, focus on the construction, operation and maintenance of approximately 2,600 km of transmission lines. Operation should start within 36 to 63 months, since the contract signature. The project - Transformation capacity in substations accounts for...

  • 03Apr2018
    New Balance |  Illustrative picture

    Avançar Parcerias: new balance

    Now, the PPI portfolio has 175 projects in total, of which 74 projects have already been delivered and 31 new projects are being incorporated into the Program, making a total of 101 projects underway. It should also be noted that last week the studies related to the award of the North-South Railroad were also filed, also for the analysis of the TCU.

  • 03Apr2018
    News: 31 news projects have been qualified in PPI

    News: 31 news projects have been qualified in PPI

    The Investment Partnerships Program (PPI), which will be two years in May 2018, has presented significant results for the country’s infrastructure sector. To date, almost 41% of the schedule set by the Federal Government Awards Program has been implemented – which corresponds to 72 completed projects that will generate approximately R$143,4 billion investments in coming years, ensuring a sustainable growth for the Brazilian economy. On the afternoon of Monday (19), the PPI Council (CPPI) met for the 5th time in the Planalto Palace – in a meeting led by chief minister of the General Secretariat of the Presidency of...

  • 03Apr2018
    15th Round of Exploratory Blocks: check out the auction results

    15th Round of Exploratory Blocks: check out the auction results

    The 15th Round of Exploratory Blocks kicked off the schedule of Avançar Partnership auctions planned for 2018 – Federal Government concession program. The schedule for 2018 is intense and the energy sector has boosted the oil and gas market with the public sessions held today (29th) in Rio de Janeiro.  68 blocks were offered in the Oceanic sedimentary basins of Ceará, Potiguar, Sergipe-Alagoas, Campos and Santos and in the land basins of Parnaíba and Paraná. Out of this total, 22 blocks received proposals, generating a result of:

    - R$ 8 billion in signing bonuses;
    - Over...

  • 21Mar2018
    illustrative picture

    Find out why Avançar Parcerias projects have attracted the international market

    In May of this year, the Investment Partnerships Program (PPI) will complete two years. Since its creation in the first half of 2016, the infrastructure sector went through significant progress – whether regarding governance or the strengthening of the regulatory and legal framework of bidding processes. In addition, the Program was one of the pillars for resuming economic growth. Avançar Parcerias Program has rescued the market’s reliance and attracted more investments, both domestic and foreign, to the country.

    And Brazilians are the beneficiaries of all of this, who will have better services...

  • 05Mar2018
    Port Sector: Three terminals in the Port of Miramar will be auctioned in April

    Port Sector: Three terminals in the Port of Miramar will be auctioned in April

    The announcement of bids for three Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) terminals at the Port of Miramar in Belém, PA, qualified under the scope of the Federal Government’s Investment Partnerships Program (PPI) was published today (22) in the Official Gazette of the Union.

    According to the notice, the Companhia Docas Do Pará (CDP) will hold Public Sale No. 01/2018-CDP on April 6, 2018 at B3 (Bovespa, SP), according to the provisions of the bid notice.

    The onerous grants of areas and infrastructures for the storage and distribution of liquefied petroleum gas located inside the...