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National Parks of Brasília (DF) and São Joaquim (SC) qualified in the PPI portfolio

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10 de agosto de 2020

National Parks of Brasília (DF) and São Joaquim (SC) qualified in the PPI portfolio


Presidential Decree 10447/2020, published on 8/10 in the official gazette, qualified in the PPI portfolio and included in the National Privatization Plan the National Park of Brasília, in the Federal District, and the National Park of São Joaquim, in Santa Catarina, for the purpose of granting the provision of public services to support visitation, conservation, protection and management of the two conservation units.

The parks are currently managed by the Chico Mendes Institute for Biodiversity Conservation (ICMBio), which responds to the Ministry of the Environment. With the inclusion in the PPI portfolio, the concession projects become a priority for all public agents involved in the concession process.

Created in 1961, the Brasilia National Park is a Conservation Unit and covers a total area of approximately 42,300 hectares and its main attractions are the pools supplied by water from springs located in or near the park, which allows the renovation to continue constant water. The installation has two trails, on which visitors can observe the fauna and flora of the Cerrado, in addition to the “Ilha da Meditação”, where bird watching is possible.

The São Joaquim National Park, also created in 1961, occupies an area of approximately 49,800 hectares in the mountainous region of the state of Santa Catarina, between the municipalities of Urubici (where the Administrative Headquarters of the Park is located), Bom Jardim da Serra, Grão Pará, Lauro Muller and Orleans. The park has several attractions, such as the Morro da Igreja, the so-called “Pedra Furada”, slopes, forested canyons, cliffs and countless waterfalls and rivers. It is ideal for experiences such as hiking, horseback riding, climbing, mountain biking and other recreation and leisure activities. Because it is located in one of the coldest regions of Brazil, the park is home to forest landscapes that are often covered with snow, offering an unprecedented experience for many Brazilians.


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