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New Year: 25 projects will be concluded in the first 100 days of 2019

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28 de dezembro de 2018

New Year: 25 projects will be concluded in the first 100 days of 2019

Photo: FNS / Valec

The year of 2019 will start (and continue) with a lot of work for the Investment Partnerships Program (PPI) team. On the first 100 days of the next year, another twenty-five (25) projects will be concluded – which will generate more than R$ 8 billion in investments. Learn about the ventures right below and get to know more about the concession Program of the Federal Government.

Mineral Rights of CPRM - Project for the copper, lead and zinc deposits of Palmeirópolis: comprises six research permits with a total area of 5,500 ha. Projection for Decision/TCU – January 23

Airports - The 12 Airports will be auctioned in three blocks - Northeast, Southeast and Midwest - for a 30 years term. The investments are in the order of R$ 2.15 billion for the Northeast block; of R$ 770 million for the Midwest block; and R$ 591 million for the Southeast block. The minimum grant for the 12 terminals is R$ 2.1 billion.
Auction – March 15

COMAER - The project foresees the Federal Government’s first Public-Private Partnership (PPP) of the Investment Partnerships Program (PPI). The goal is to delegate to the private partner the responsibilities of designing, installing, updating, expanding, operating, managing and maintaining a communications infrastructure, the control and management of the Aeronautical Command (COMAER). The PPP will be of the administrative-concession type, as provided in § 2nd of Article 2nd of Act 11,079 of 2004
Delivery of Guarantees and Envelopes – March 26

North-South Railway - The concession of FNS contemplates the 1,537 km stretch between Porto Nacional (TO) and Estrela D’Oeste (SP). The minimum value of the grant will be of R$ 1.35 billion and the term of the concession is of thirty (30) years. The estimate is that, at the end of the concession, the operational capacity of the stretch reaches 22.73 million tons. To accomplish this, the estimated investment is of R$2.7 billion. 
Auction - March 28

Ports - Ten port terminals will also be leased on the first trimester.
3 Terminals in Cabedelo/PB (AE10, AE11 e AI01) – 1st trimester of 2019
5 in Miramar/PA (Bel 02A, 02B, 04, 08, 09) – leasing on April 5
1 in Vila do Conde/PA (VDC 12) – leasing on April 5
1 in Vitória/ES (TGL) – 1st trimester of 2019

Source: PPI

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