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Government creates quality standards for infrastructure projects

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22 de dezembro de 2017

Government creates quality standards for infrastructure projects

Accredited Certification

'Accredited Certification’ mechanism contributes to improve business environment in infrastructure 

Accredited Certification is a contribution from Avançar Parcerias Program (Investment Partnerships Program) to the infrastructure sector. This initiative is aligned to the Program’s guidelines, and represents an important tool to expand investments and employment opportunities in Brazil.

With the certification, pre-feasibility studies, engineering projects and the execution of infrastructure undertakings’ works will be assessed by specialized entities and will receive, based on technical requirements, a compliance certificate.

The main motivation of this mechanism is to rescue confidence in the infrastructure market, aiming at attracting investors and providing better services to society. 

From now on, certificated projects will count on a quality standard granted by technical and impartial entities. The compliance aspects of the whole process will be assured by the National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology (Inmetro), which will qualify the entities able to provide the certification services. The main objectives of the Accredited Certification are: 

  • Ensure the improvement of the quality of studies and technical projects;
  • Improve the predictability of timetables and budget of undertakings;
  • Mitigate risks and improve projects’ bankability;
  • Increase the efficiency of the analysis from public authorities.

The certification will have a direct effect on the decision making processes of public authorities, financial institutions, insurance companies, licensing agencies, among others, bringing more agility, for example, in procedures to which environmental permits are required.

The initiative results from a partnership between the Investment Partnerships Program Secretariat (SPPI) and Inmetro and reaches this final stage after a wide and qualified dialogue between the Federal Government and leading stakeholders from the market. 

Brazil now counts on a best practice already adopted worldwide which will bring more quality and safety for services rendered to its citizens. The mechanism, whose adoption is discretionary according to each project, is already available to the Government, financial institutions and insurance companies, with a special potential usage in public undertakings of Avançar Program. 

Learn more in our Questions and Answers (portuguese only). 

Source: PPI

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