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Brazil’s four airports sold for R$ 3.72 billion

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17 de março de 2017

Brazil’s four airports sold for R$ 3.72 billion


Brazil's four airports auctioned today (Porto Alegre, Salvador, Florianópolis and Fortaleza) by the country's National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC) were sold for a total amount of R$ 3.72 billion, with a 23% premium above the initially expected by the government, of R$ 3.01 billion and 93.75% premium in relation to the minimum offer of R$ 754 million. The four winning proposals, combined, represents the largest fixed contribution to the airport system.

Following the event outcome, ANAC's CEO, José Ricardo Botelho, highlighted the relevance of the airport concessions process to boost investments and bring competition to offer differentied and higher quality services. "The airports concessions will result in the private management of terminals that represents 12% of the total passengers processed at the country's airports, which means that 59% of the country's passengers will be processed at the 10 airports already granted," he said.

The winning consortia will be required to pay 25% of the minimum grant plus the goodwill offered at the contract sign date, scheduled for early August. The remainder (75% of the grant) will be collected in favor of the Brazil's National Civil Aviation Fund (FNAC) in annual installments, from the effective date of the contract. They will be corrected by the Broad Consumer Price Index (IBGE), according to the concession period of each airport.

The Salvador International Airport (BA) was auctioned by the french airport operator Vinci Airports for R$ 1.59 billion, with a premium 113% higher than the stipulated amount of R$ 1.240 billion.

The winner for Porto Alegre International Airport (RS) was Fraport AG Frankfurt Airport Services, from Germany, which presented a final offer of R$ 382 million, 852% higher than the minimum grant value of R$ 123 million.

Fortaleza International Airport (CE) was also sold to the german operator for 1,505 billion, an amount 18% higher than the minimum grant of R$ 1.44 billion.

The winner of for Florianópolis International Airport (SC) was the Swiss operator Zurich International Airport AG, which presented a final offer of R$ 241 million, 58% higher than the minimum grant amount of R$ 211 million.

The auction, carried out by ANAC and operated by BM&FBOVESPA, lasted about two hours and was disputed by the three foreign airport operators. The competition for the four airports took place simultaneously to stimulate competition.

The investments planned for the four airports are in the order of R $ 6.613 billion. Of note in this amount are contributions for expansion of the passenger terminals (except for Florianópolis, which will have a new terminal), the aircraft yards and the landing and take-off runways. There is also an increase in the number of boarding bridges and the parking of vehicles.

Next steps
03/17/2017 - Opening of qualification documents for first-ranked tenderers only
04/13/2017 - Publication of the minutes of the trial relating to the analysis of the qualification documents of the first classified tenderer
25/04 to 05/02/2017 - Deadline for appeals
05/23/2017 - Publication of the judgment of the appeals
05/30/2017 - Approval of the result and the adjudication of the object by ANAC’s  Board
07/28/2017 - Call to conclude the concession contract of each airport

Source: Anac

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