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Bid Notices launched for Norte-Sul, twelve airports, and four port terminals

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06 de dezembro de 2018

Bid Notices launched for Norte-Sul, twelve airports, and four port terminals

The Investment Partnerships Program (PPI) held, at November 29, 2018, at Palácio do Planalto, the launching ceremony of the bid notices of 12 airports, Norte-Sul Railway (FNS), and  4 port terminals, in Porto de Cabedelo and Vitória. The 17 ventures have public sales expected to happen in the first trimester of 2019. The collection expectation overcome R$ 4.5 billion and the investments more than R$ 6.4 billion. The bid notices were published in the Federal Official Gazette at Friday, November 30, 2018.

The events mark the last launching of bid notices in the transportation sector of Temer’s administration. Since the beginning of the government, in 2016, PPI approved 73 concession and leasing ventures in the Transportation sector –21 were concluded, 44 are in progress and 8 had their concession deadlines extended. In total, approximately R$ 3.8 billion in grants were collected.

NEW VENTURES – The concession of FNS contemplates the 1,537 km stretch between Porto Nacional (TO) and Estrela D’Oeste (SP). The minimum value of the grant will be of R$ 1.35 billion and the term of the concession is of thirty (30) years. The estimate is that, at the end of the concession, the operational capacity of the stretch reaches 22.73 million tons. To accomplish this, the estimated investment is of R$2.7 billion. Nowadays, the stretch from Porto Nacional  to Anápolis (GO), with 855 km, has been completed by Valec; from Ouro Verde (GO) until Estrela D’Oeste, 682 km, has 96,5% of physical advance.

The 12 airports will be auctioned in three blocks - Northeast, Southeast and Midwest - for a 30 years term. The investments are in the order of R$ 2.15 billion for the Northeast block, formed by Recife (PE), Maceió (AL), João Pessoa and Campina Grande (PB), Aracaju (SE) and Juazeiro do Norte (CE) airports; of R$ 770 million for the Midwest block, composed by Cuiabá, Sinop, Rondonópolis and Alta Floresta (MT) airports; and R$ 591 million for the Southeast block, with the terminals of Vitória (ES) and Macaé (RJ). The minimum grant for the 12 terminals is R$ 2.1 billion.

In the ports sector, four (4) terminals will be leased: three (3) in city of Cabedelo (PB) and 1 in the city of Vitória (ES). The Paraíba (PB) terminals (AI-01, AE-10 and AE-11) will handle almost R$ 71.5 million in investments. The concession term will be 25 years. In the Espírito Santo (ES) terminal (VIX-30), the investments are estimated in the order of R$ 128 million in the 25 years term.

PPI RESULTS - The event also presented the PPI's results for investments raise and jobs creation in the country, with the expansion of a high quality public infrastructure. In addition, the current model of the program has ensured more legal certainty and sustainable financing conditions.

Since May 2016, the PPI has included 193 concessions and leases in all the national infrastructure sectors. Of this total, 105 were completed (54.4%), generating more than R$ 235 billion in incentives to the Brazilian economy. Another 88 projects will be executed by PPI, with an estimated R$ 133 billion in contributions to the country.

Fonte: PPI

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