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15th Round of Exploratory Blocks: check out the auction results

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03 de abril de 2018

15th Round of Exploratory Blocks: check out the auction results

15th Round of Exploratory Blocks: check out the auction results

The 15th Round of Exploratory Blocks kicked off the schedule of Avançar Partnership auctions planned for 2018 – Federal Government concession program. The schedule for 2018 is intense and the energy sector has boosted the oil and gas market with the public sessions held today (29th) in Rio de Janeiro.  68 blocks were offered in the Oceanic sedimentary basins of Ceará, Potiguar, Sergipe-Alagoas, Campos and Santos and in the land basins of Parnaíba and Paraná. Out of this total, 22 blocks received proposals, generating a result of:

- R$ 8 billion in signing bonuses;
- Over R$ 1 billion in investments;
- Premium of 621%.

The focus of the Round is to expand basin reserves and decentralize exploration investments in Brazil, thus increasing the participation of small and medium-sized companies and developing the oil industry. "Our goal is to establish domestic and foreign companies in Brazil, meeting local demand, stimulating good regulatory practices and, above all, creating jobs and income for the population," said PPI Articulation Director Bruno Eustáquio de Carvalho.

The auction criterion for this project - qualified in the 3rd Meeting of the Council of the Investment Partnerships Program (CPPI) on August 23, 2017, was the one with the highest grant and the minimum value was R$ 1.3 billion. The bid notice and the model of the concession contract were published on January 26 of this year. The government expects to raise more than R$ 1 billion.

The 15th Round was divided into two stages, one with the oceanic blocks and the other with the land blocks - each with its own bid notice and contract model. The new model foresees segmented rounds, specific for the different company profiles.

Resumption of the potential - Large companies participated in the auction, from countries such as the United States, Malaysia, United Kingdom, France, Russia, Spain, Qatar and Brazil as well. All blocks in the Campos Basin received bids, which is responsible for most of the signing bonuses: more than R$ 7 billion.

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Oceanic Basins

The 15th Bidding Round - Oceanic includes 47 blocks, distributed in 7 sedimentary basins with areas of high potential and new exploratory frontiers that present themselves as opportunities for large and medium companies.

Ceará Basin
Located on the Brazilian Equatorial Margin, the Ceará Basin is bounded to the southeast with the Potiguar Basin, by the Alto de Fortaleza; to the west with the Barreirinhas Basin, by the Alto de Tutóia; to the south, by the outcropping strip of the base; and to the north, by the Ceará Transforming Fault, associated with the Romanche Fracture Zone. Considering the bathymetric quota of 3,000 meters, the basin covers an area of approximately 65,000 km², of which about 50,000 km² are under water.

Potiguar Basin
The Potiguar Basin is located at the eastern end of the Brazilian Equatorial Margin (Image 3), most of it in the State of Rio Grande do Norte, and a small part in the State of Ceará. Its area is 222,699 km2, of which about 195,974 km2 correspond to the underwater portion, up to the limit of Brazilian territorial waters. Its geological boundary to the west is the Alto de Fortaleza, which separates it from the Ceará Basin. The Alto de Touros marks its geological limit to the east, separating it from the Pernambuco-Paraíba Basin. To the south, the basin sits on the pre-Cambrian base of the Borborema Province. The sedimentary thickness reaches up to 6,000 meters.

Sergipe - Alagoas Basin
The Sergipe-Alagoas Basin (Image 4) is located on the continental margin of the northeastern region of Brazil, covering part of the states of Sergipe and Alagoas. On the map, it has an elongated shape in the NE direction that is 350 km long and 35 km wide on average on land. It has a total area of 44,370 km², with 31,750 km² in the sea to the bathymetric quota of 3,000 m and 12,620 km² in the land portion. It is limited to the north with the Pernambuco-Paraíba Basin by the Alto de Maragogi, and to the south it has its geographical limit with the Jacuípe Basin represented by the Estancia Platform in the emerged portion and by the fault system of the Vaza-Barris in the oceanic portion. The western boundary, with pre-Cambrian crystalline basement, is marked by distension-fault systems and associated structures. The internal boundary between the sub-basins of Sergipe and Alagoas is provided by the Alto de Japoatã-Penedo.

Campos Basin
The Campos Basin is located on the Brazilian Eastern Bank, in the Southeast region of Brazil, and covers an area of approximately 100,000 km² up to the bathymetric quota of 3,500 meters. Its surface is distributed along the coast of Northern part of the State of Rio de Janeiro and the Southern part of the State of Espirito Santo, with its limits established to the North, by the Alto de Vitória, with the Espírito Santo Basin; and to the South, by the Alto de Cabo Frio, with the Santos Basin.

Santos Basin
The Santos Basin is located in the southeastern region of Brazil and covers the coasts of the states of Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Paraná and Santa Catarina (Image 6). Its area up to the bathymetric quota of 3,000 m is of approximately 350,000 km². Geologically, according to Moreira et al. (2007), is limited to the north with the Campos Basin by the Alto de Cabo Frio and to the south with the Pelotas basin by the Alto de Florianópolis. The western boundary of the basin is represented by the belts of the coastal mountains (Maciço da Carioca, Serras do Mar and Mantiqueira) and to the east the basin extends to the foot of the São Paulo Plateau (Macedo, 1989).

Source: PPI

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