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Programa de Parcerias de Investimentos

‘Avançar Parcerias’: concrete results and retake of economic growth

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22 de dezembro de 2017

‘Avançar Parcerias’: concrete results and retake of economic growth


On May 12, 2016, President Michel Temer edited, as one of the first acts of his mandate, Provisional Measure nº 727 creating the Investment Partnerships Program – PPI. After 18 months, responding to the confidence of the President, we render account to the society and to all those who believed and invested in Brazil.

The results presented here reinforce that we are in the path to retake growth and that we will further advance in 2018. That because, from the 145 projects qualified in the different infrastructure sectors, around 50% were already concluded. There are still 75 undertakings to be delivered next year.

PPI figures are impressive, particularly concerning the values of projects concluded: R$ 142 billion. We are sure that investments of this size will bring, along the coming years, more employment and income, ensuring the retake of our country development. For ongoing projects, over R$ 132.7 billion in investments are expected.

But how will we execute all that in such a short time? And which were the changes and improvement made for the creation of a business environment propitious to national and foreign investors?

First, PPI sought to exalt the dialogue between society, investors, public institutions and control agencies so as to build concrete solutions to transpose the barriers to national and foreign investments.

During this journey we significantly improved the way to build partnerships between State and free enterprise players. For that we changed and improved regulatory frameworks; established new governance in the infrastructure sector, where PPI follows, monitors and coordinates the qualified undertakings; and provided more legal safety, predictability and transparence, including the concomitant accountability to the society and to control agencies on the main processes.

We make efforts destined to create an integrated logistic plan; to provide investors with more robust studies and projects; to seek for the construction of self sustaining contracts and for the improvement of services to users; and re-assess projects’ financing ways.

Not less important, we extended the term between the bidding edict publishing and the public sale, so as to promote more competitiveness; published edicts in more than one language, in order to insert Brazil in the world scenario; we amended the law that obliged a foreign company to associate to a national company without establishing a minimum percent; and we honor the fulfillment of terms.

Challenges are still big to assure modernization and expansion of our deficient infrastructure, and it is indispensable the establishment of partnerships with the free enterprise. Our commitment is to promote a revolution in the national infrastructure and logistics in order to have a sustainable and competitive growth in Brazil in the coming years.

Special Secretary for the Investment Partnerships Program

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